Book Scanning

UDS has three high-end scanners:

  • Zeutschel OS 14000 A1 scanner
  • Zeutschel OS12000v A2
  • Treventus Scan Robot 2.0

Our scanners offer you a wide range of scanning options.


Photo of the Zuetschel scanner in use The Zeutschel OS14000 machine offers capture of just over A1 size for books, maps or prints at extremely high quality. This machine is the only one of its model installed in Australia. This scanner offers genuine 600dpi scanning and produces images of up to 700Mb. Considering the digital preservation standard we are working to is 300dpi, this device offers capture options far beyond – ensuring significant 'future-proofing'. The scanner is very fast, capturing a full size, full resolution image in six seconds. The software running the Zeutschel is very sophisticated and allows for image processing 'on the fly' together with the creation of various 'clips' and derivatives seamlessly within the workflow. The 'averaging' function (takes multiple images in a single pass) allows greater image sharpening by virtually eliminating 'noise'. Unbound items over A1 can be captured in two (or more) scans and 'stitched' together.


Zeutshcel OS12000V scanner UDC uses the Zeutschel OS12000v primarily to capture theses for the on-demand service. The scanner features a 90° book cradle with an optional glass plate.


Treventu Scan Robot videoThe Treventus Book Robot provides an option to digitise books quickly at 400dpi. The scanner is very gentle on books with built-in safeguards to prevent damage. The book cradle is 60°


For advice on which scanner is suitable for your job contact us.

Not all projects can be prioritised for digitisation free of charge, so fee-for-service options may apply. For more information, contact